Amateur or Olympic-style boxing is a blend of offensive and defensive skills used in the art of self-defense. In Olympic-style boxing, a boxer uses speed, maneuverability and technique to outscore the opponent and win the decision.  Olympic-style boxing transforms the combination of conditioning, defense, offense and strategy into a skilled and exciting sport.


Each persons role is important and amateur boxing event cannot proceed without all participants. Therefore, each person involved must embrace their position in the sport with integrity, recognizing the importance of all participants and carrying out their personal role with honesty and fairness.


*** USA Boxing Board Announces Changes to USAB Rulebook ***

Men's Elite boxers will no longer be able to box without wearing a head gear at the local level even if both agreed to the bout. 

The use of 16 oz. gloves are now approved for all categories as long as they are "USAB Masters boxer approved gloves." 
Revert back to using the verbiage RSC in place of TKO, use RSC-Injury instead of TKO-Injury and the word "Abandon" is replacing the word “Retirement” which used to be a TKO.
The use of 5 Judges, with all five judges’ score cards counted to determine the winner of the bouts.
Low Blow rule - The Referee MAY give a warning after the low blow instead of MUST.  After a Referee issues an 8 count because a boxer stops boxing and is complaining that they were hit with a low blow the Referee will have the discretion to either warn the offending boxer or not. 

The Board of Directors has passed the following changes to the USA Boxing Rulebook & Bylaws during its recent Board of Directors Conference Call.
1. Updated Grievance Procedures       2. Committee Member Requirements
3. Addition to Rulebook —— World Series of Boxing participants shall retain amateur status and eligibility

Grievance Procedures
- Complaint must now be filed within 90 days of the date of discovery of the alleged violation (changed from 30 days)
- Filing Fee - $100, payable to the LBC (changed from $300)
- Complaints are now filed with the LBC President who will appoint a 3-member hearing panel to hear the complaint and render a decision
- Appeals may be submitted within 30 days of the written decision, along with a $200 filing fee to USA Boxing National Office. The appeal with then be handled by the USA Boxing Judicial Committee.
- Upon exhausting internal grievance procedures, parties wishing to proceed will submit to binding arbitrtion.

Committee Member Requirements
- Members of the Ethics and Judicial Committees shall be comprised of 2 members each that meet the criteria for “independence” as described in the by-laws and the remainder of the Committee including athlete representative shall not be required to meet that standard

World Series of Boxing
- World Series of Boxing athletes shall retain their amateur status and shall remain eligible to represent the U.S. in the Olympics.

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